CSL Behring Encouragement Grant in haemostasis & thrombosis

In collaboration with the BSTH, CSL Behring is pleased to announce the donation of an Encouragement Grant of 10.000€.


The goal of this Encouragement Grant is to provide support for young physicians and basic research scientists active in the field of Haemostasis and Thrombosis to advance their expertise in this field. Project selection will be broad and may include:

  • support to clinicians wishing to complete an internship in a specialized center abroad, under supervision of a renowned expert,
  • Clinical or biomedical scientists wishing to pursue and complete a well-defined educational project abroad
  • Laboratory research scientists wishing to carry out part of their research project in a specialized research center.

In all cases, it is the intention of the new Encouragement Grant to allow clinicians and research scientists to extend their expertise, achieve cutting-edge results and acquire international exposure in an internationally recognized research institute and/or hospital.

Candidates clinicians and researchers < 40y can apply for a CSL Behring Encouragement Grant

Submission criteria and guidelines



BSTH Board in collaboration with an international Key opinion Leader in thrombosis and haemostasis


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