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World SCD Day 2020

Sickle Cell Disease (SCD) is a lifelong inherited red blood cell disorder which can lead to disability or even premature death in its severe forms. People living with SCD in Europe mainly belong to ethnic and social minorities and are more isolated, have a lower level of health education and poorer adherence and disease management compared with patients with other hematologic diseases.


ERN-EuroBloodNet is playing a key role in Europe for making SCD burdens visible to scientific community, public-at large and policymakers. For the World SCD day 2020, ERN-EuroBloodNet has collected SCD patients’ representatives’ testimonies into 2 videos: one about the importance of having a common unique patients’ voice in Europe and the other about engaging patients’ thoughts in research.


We invite you to watch them and share among the Society members! Let’s raise SCD Awareness together!


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